Thursday, August 16, 2007

So my dad is here now, he will be here for the next few days.

7am this morning, he started preparing for dinner, even though I kept telling him that dinner won’t be starting till 12 hours later, he still insisted to continue cooking. I left him alone and off I went to work.

Before I left, he offered to cook breakfast for me, I told him no as I only have coffee in the office but he still made this sandwich for me. He folded a slice of bread with egg and lettuce, and wrapped it in gladwrap.

I took it and thought I can have it for lunch after I take Matt to the airport during lunch hour.

I just had the sandwich and gosh, the sandwich did bring back memory. A signature of my dad’s sandwich has always been honey. My dad likes to coat the bread with some honey, so the sandwich always has a hint of sweet smell and taste. The sandwich tasted exactly like the one he used to make for me when I was in primary school. The only difference was, the sandwich he made back in primary school was a lot bigger, I think he is trying to help me loose weight now.

I remember an episode of Sex and The City, Carrie was talking about a pimple and a first date. A pimple is a very tiny thing, but it becomes so big on the day you are going to your first date with someone you really like. So, doesn’t matter how small and unimportant an object is, it will show its significance at a certain moment.

Though the sandwich is a lot smaller than the one I had when I was in primary school, but it seems so big now : )

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