Saturday, August 04, 2007

Very often, I sit down with a cuppa and start reviewing things happened recently. Did I do that right? Was I being judgemental? Did I hurt his feelings? Was I a bad person in that situation?

I believe people around have their reviews about me as well. I was told several times by some close friends, “Don’t be bothered with what people think/say about you.” Can we actually do that? I can’t, seriously. I don’t want to be the black sheep in others’ eyes.

Sometimes, I want to do something and I can foresee the circumstances, I know that I will be extremely sad doing what I want to do. Ironically, I also know that I have to do it instead of living miserably.

People always say “the grass is greener on the other side”. However, a person that I respect highly told me “Jane, the grass is not always greener on the other side, but I can assure you, there is grass.” How true is that? When you are in a bad relationship, friends and family would say, don’t stay in it if you are not happy, get out and you will find a better one next time; I do that too. But how sure are we that the next person will be better? We can only hope for the best. Although the next guy may not be better, BUT there are a lot of guys out there. True enough, if you are not happy, get out but don’t exit with a thought that “I can definitely get a better one next round” AND the person you are leaving may think the same. J

We all know, every woman would at least say that to themselves once in their life, “The next one will be better.”

I ever broke up with a guy that I truly loved, I felt really happy and blessed to be with him. We were very in love but we had to break up because we knew the circumstances would be very bad if we stayed together. The moment we broke up, I thought “will I find a better one?” How funny, that was the first time I had doubt about my future. I would say I have moved on and I truly understand “there is grass on the other side, they may not be greener but they still have the same nutrients” J

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