Sunday, October 28, 2007

So, here is the post that everyone been asking me about, my KL trip.

I spent 2.5 weeks in KL, spent most of my time in the banks with my mom, sorting out all the accounts stuff and also going round to try different food. Believe it or not, I was roaming around KL alone most of the time, did the shopping alone, had breakfast/lunch alone and watch dvd alone. Hahahaha a relaxing holiday indeed.

One of the highlights would be my phone got stolen while I was shoe shopping in KLCC, happened in the NOSE shoe shop. I am pretty sure I knew who stole my phone because I noticed them the moment I stepped into the shop, there were two of them, one guy and one girl. I was smsing baby while browsing the shoes, spotted a pair, threw my phone back into my bag (I didn’t zip my bag), picked up the shoes, signalled a sales girl, stretched my hand into bag to pick phone, phone was gone. All happened in less than 2 minutes. Pfft.. so I went back to my mom’s office, called my mobile, a Malay guy answered and hang up quickly. So I smsed him “Please return my phone, I will pretend nothing’s happened and pay you some cash”. No reply, then my sister told me “Iyoh, those stupid Malays, you wrote in English, they wouldn’t understand, must write in Malay!”. I totally did not realise that fact!

Sigh… so I spent the money that I prepared to buy 2 PSPs, one for me, one for Matt as Xmas present; to buy my phone (N95). L now I have to think what to get baby for Xmas

OK... will stop here. I will post Part 2 later, I have to go to bed now.. yawn

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