Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I have eaten a lot of good food back here in KL., i.e. rice liquor crab, seafood, durian and many more. surprisingly I haven't gained alot of weight so far, phew! Maybe I did but I am in denial..bluek

Anyway, the hot thing in KL now is 'China girls'... * eyes rolling. A couple of my parents' friends have kept China women as their mistress. One has a permanent mistress and he keeps her in an apartment, another one will travel to Seremban to find this girl who works as a prostitute.

The amazing thing is everyone in the neighbourhood knows about it yet his wife doesn't know (the one who goes to Seremban). This bastard was so bad that he even took a photo of the girl and showed it to my mom! Erm.. the girl was semi naked. So I questioned my mom, why didn't she tell his wife, my mom said it is not right to break someone's family apart. My mom told me the wife heard the rumours yet she didn't bother to verify. I guess she was just afraid to know the truth because they have been married for so long and now only the husband decided to f*** someone else.

This particular bastard even told them that he has to take viagra with Guinese Stout before he has sex witht he girl and he doesn't use condom. EEeewwww....

So no wonder majority of the Malaysian women hate China girls so much.

I better ask Matt if there are any China girls at his mine site... pfft

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