Thursday, May 17, 2007

Decision Decision

Been thinking of moving out lately; thinking if I should buy a house or rent a place.

I can probably afford to buy a cheap house ranging 250-300k but then I will lose the current quality of life because I will be smashed by mortgage. So I think renting will be a better choice, but the rental market is also ridiculous at the moment. I do not want to live with other people so I will be renting a place by myself that will probably cost me $600 - $800 a month. I don’t think it is worthwhile to pay such rental when a few more hundreds will be the amount of mortgage I am paying if I buy a house. So….. decision decision!!!!!!!

Or shall I just stick to the current place? Sigh, but I really want to change environment.

I want to get a place with a back yard so I can keep a dog to accompany me especially when baby is at work.

A guy from work committed suicide last Friday, the Friday before Mother’s Day. He was 19 and he hung himself. I don’t know him personally as he was from another department. Apparently he killed himself because he couldn’t get over his gf’s death (his gf killed herself 3 months ago). Sigh, so sad…….. only 19 years old and decided to take his own life.

Then in Sarawak, a 11 year old also committed suicide because he/she was very very poor and always got teased by his/her teach at school for using broken pencils and eating porridge with Kangkung everyday. Can you believe even the teacher teased him about that!? It must be a terrible experience to make an 11 year old to commit suicide.

I used to worked with children for 2 years before I came to Perth, and I have never thought of (for even a split second) hurting my students’ feelings. I don’t think I could ever do it. That bloody teacher should be prosecuted……

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