Thursday, May 03, 2007


One of my exs talked to me on MSN the other day and told me that he is married now and has a daughter. We talked about other things of course and I realized that he hasn’t changed a bit, and I told him that. He said it is good that he hasn’t changed, I told him it is terrible that he hasn’t changed, and he is still so rude and arrogant.

Maybe I should remind him that he isn’t that great, being smashed by gambling debt and had to run away to US to be illegal immigrant?

Then another friend came boasting about her bf’s new job and his new pay while I just kept quiet and said congratulation. Her bf’s new income is equivalent to mine but I didn’t tell her that cause I don’t see the point of doing that.

Then I told Matt about it, he said I should have told her how much Matt’s earning to shut her up; I just told Matt that’s not my style. I am over the “boast what I have” age, if one thinks one is great, why not?


tmz_99 said...

Old saying goes.
A man goes into a marriage hoping the woman stays the same, but she changes. A woman goes into a marriage hoping the man changes, but he stays the same.

I guess there are good reasons for that. Maybe not running away from gambling debt tho..

utterlycynical said...

very true indeed :D