Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pictures in My Phone - Part 2

View from my hotel when I was in Melbourne.
N.B. my Melbourne trip was a disaster, the flight to Melb was delayed for 7 hours. I didn't get to the hotel till 1:15am, went to bed at 2:15am, got to the office at 9am. So no, I didn't go anywhere after work coz I was exhausted and went to sleep at 7pm :S

Baby said he is not sure what durian is, he merely remember seeing it once. So I took a picture of them when I saw them in Woolworths. I got quite alot of attention by doing that. ><

A little fungus grew besides my house door. It was blooming after just one night of rain. Looked pretty cool, can't really see clearly in the picture though.

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