Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Conversations

Monday morning; mobile rang at 9am, Jane was asleep.

Dad: How come you are not at work today?
Me: Because I am sick, been sick since last Thursday.
Dad: What happened?
Me: Fever keeps coming back once the Panadol effect is gone. Going to the doctor later.
Dad: Ask him to do a blood test. It may be a symptom of a series illness like leukaemia…
Dad: I am serious, usually non-stop fever is a symptom of cancer or leukaemia
Me: If you are planning to make me feel better, I am sorry, but you have failed totally! I want to sleep, don’t disturb me!

Hang up!

Me: I saw a new pair of boots that I really like!
Matt: You are not a Centipede
Me: …………….

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