Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Stuff

It is the Easter weekend again, last year this time I was devastated. Crying at most nights till my eyes were as big as a Macadamia nut.

This year Easter, I wouldnt say I am estactic but life is getting good. I have a good job, a good bf (I think he is good?), financially stable and a group of great friends. I really can't complain much.

Sometimes, I can't believe I am 24, especially when I could still recall the first day of my kindy. I remembered my grandma taking me to the kindy and point at a fat, scary looking, full of mascara and blue eye shadow lady, telling me she is my teacher.

Then I met my first best friend, the first gift from a boy who told me he liked me (LOL), my first favourite teacher and etc etc...

It is just like yesterday, when it was actually 19 years ago.

My dad told my sister that he loves to see my nephew, whenever he sees my nephew, he reminds my dad when I was a baby. He said my nephew brings back memories. I felt sorry when I knew that, I felt sorry for not being my daddy's little girl anymore and sorry for not being at home with them.

But I guess this is what all parents have to go through, they have to set the children free one day and let them explore. I am evry glad my parents are very open minded and let me be a selfish child.

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Bush Frog said...

show us a picture of you and matt!