Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Busy busy

Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated my blog. I have been very busy with my new job and my social life.

Matt is having 5 weeks time off work so I have been trying to spend more time with him before he has to get back to working away again.

I am glad to say Matt and I are getting along fine and getting to know each other better each day. We are never the lovey dovey couple, it will be strange to not seeing us arguing or teasing each other.

Whenever I tease him abt seeing another girl behind me...

His favourite answer "Keeping you happy is like a full time job, I dont have time for another girl"

Then it will ead into me asking him "Am I that demanding?" "So you mean if you have time, you will see another girl?" "Am I that possesive?" and goes on and on while he rolls his eyes... you can imagine LOL

Ok..about my new job....

This company have offices across Australia and have mroe than 300 employees, in WA alone, we have 60 employees. I am in charge of all the administration in the services department. It is a pretty challenging job as I am totally new to the industry and I have to get use to a male dominant environment. The good side of it is I am the only girl in the department and I am the youngest in the whole office, so everyone treat me very nice. Even the grumpiest old man likes to chat with me everyday before he goes home. LOL

I will be going to Melbourne in 2 weeks for some training, only get to stay for 2 nights. Sigh, no chance for shopping :(

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