Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BF n I

Whem some of my friends found out that Matt actually works away, they were shocked. They couldn't understand how could I stand only seeing the bf every second week.

When I knew abt his job, it didn't bother me much to be honest, I thought it was great so I can get enough freedom to do whatever I want when he is not around.

We have been together for more than 2 months, and I am slowly getting use to him being away every second week. Perth airport became a regular spot I travel to now, I try to pick/send him whenever I can, I think it is a good gesture. Strange enough, we were never like other couples who would kiss n hug for ages before the male has to go in. We always just a kiss and say bye to one another.

Then.. when he is away, SMS(s) and a few telephone calls are they way we keep in touch and soemtimes he gets very busy that we will not talk for a few days.

Somehow I feel.. this is just like a part time job, a part time relationship maybe? Part time relationship with full time commitment :P Am I making any sense here?

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tmz_99 said...

hehe.. yeah, I know ALL about trying to do that.. yeah, it does feel a bit part-time sometimes... but it is a full commitment, all I can say is with men in my line of work you get out what you put into a relationship. We realise that we're not the easiest people to have relationships with and try a bit harder as a result I think...