Monday, July 16, 2007

Me: “Argh… what do I do now? I don’t know where to go!!!”
Matt: “Check the guide…”
Me: “Fine.. but I am very warm and comfy now….” *Me lying in bed, hiding under the quilt
Matt: “Let me do it..” *Eyes rolling
Me: “Ok..good”
Matt: “Ok, now walk to ….. then click that… then …. Then …”
Me: “Oh ok..”
Matt: “Yea, ok. That’s it. Listen to her, ok follow her instruction. Press B… ok release!”
Me: “Argh!!!!”
Matt: “You release too quickly! You have to group them up before you release B.”
Me: “Pfft….”
Matt: “Ok… now. Ok.. go group them up, maybe hit them first.”
Me: “No need to hit them, I will auto agro them anyway.”
Matt: “OK, now group them… okok Press B!”
Me: “NO! One is too far away, I got to lure these two to him..”
Matt: “Ok now press B… press and move! So your circle will cover them…”
Me: “Yea!!!!!”
Matt: “Oh my God.. how hard is that?” *Eyes rolling
Me: “Don’t roll your eyes at me!”

What were we doing? Oh, we were playing Zelda on Nintendo Wii. Baby read the walkthrough while I was playing. 2 persons, 1 controller. Hahahahaha

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