Friday, July 20, 2007

I received really bad news today; one of my mom’s friend is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Apparently she only has 2 months to live but her husband hid the news from her, so she thought she would recover. She is undergoing chemotherapy now.

She got very confused when the doctor told her “eat what you want to eat, go where you want to go”. She told my mom the doctor was trying to frighten her.

Many people did not agree that the husband should hide the news from her; she should know the truth and let her enjoy her final 2 months.

I am not very close to this lady but lets say I witnessed some of her great moments in life. I attended her wedding, her children’s full moon parties, children’s birthday parties. I sure hope I am not going to attend her funeral so soon.

The strange thing was my mom was very eager to share this news with me. According to my mom, she believed that her friend was under a lot of stress at work, thus she got the cancer.

So my mom kept telling me to take care of my health (my health isn’t very good lately, I was diagnosed with something, nothing major). She asked me not to work too hard as you all know I can be a bit of workaholic sometimes and take lots of vitamins because Perth does not sell Chinese herbs.

I was pretty disturbed by the news actually, as I’ve mentioned before, I am someone who doesn’t know how to deal with death. It is something that dooms to happen, yet I don’t want to accept it, I don’t think anyone except the elders above 80s should die (except those terrorists and bad people). Sometimes I lie in bed at night and think, what is it like knowing that you will die soon, what is it like lying in the coffin. Then I got a shiver and understand that I am afraid to die.

A wise nun ever said, one that is afraid to die, is one that has regrets in life. Yes, I do have regrets in life, who doesn’t?

Take care and good luck, Aunty Christine. I hope you and your family believe in miracles, and I sure hope one is kind enough to fall on you.

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