Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Stuff

It is Monday again! The weekend is always too short, especially when baby is in Perth. Though we didn’t do much together on the weekend, hahah

I am thinking of writing a book about our relationship, how a relationship is like between an Asian girl and a white Australian guy; what are the cultural differences, communication hurdles and etc. You think that will work? He probably wouldn’t like it if I make our relationship details available to the Internet audience. :p

I was talking to my manager about Perth drivers, we both agreed some people are just not meant to be drivers. I have friends whom I prefer them to be passengers because I will definitely stay away if I see their cars on the road.

Friend A: Got her license at her 5th driving test.

Friend B: Never never ever look at her speedometer when she drives o.O

Friend C: Doesn’t know her left and right

Friend D: Drove 15km with a flat tyre and didn’t know it was flat till she got down of the car

These people should really just be passengers, I am serious. They are not only risking other peoples’ lives, but theirs too

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