Friday, June 08, 2007

Ok, so Paris Hilton is in jail and she will be there for 45 days.

She is going to wear the clothes that makes her look like an abnormal, dehydrated pumpkin, eat food that she would never thought she had to eat coz she is on no-wheat diet and the list goes on.

So, what’s the big deal?

Everyday, I will hear updates about her prison life on the radio, what did she eat, what did she say, what did she do, how long did she cry yesterday and blab la bla. This morning was ‘Paris Hilton did not have her dinner last night, they gave her chicken burrito and she refused to eat that because she is on no-wheat diet’

For God’s sake, do these people realise how many people are dying from AIDS everyday? How many children go missing everyday? How many people dying from accidents? How many losing their homes and loved ones because of natural disasters? And they have to pay attention and care about what is Paris Hilton doing in the prison?

Come on people, get a life…….

****NB. right before I wrote this post, Paris Hilton was released from jail due to unknown medical/mental condition... Not that I wanted to know abt her jail life, but it happened to be the headline on ninemsn news.

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Thushara said...

At least the media haven't started on Britney Spears yet! ;-)