Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nice Weekend

Let’s see, spent Friday night playing World of Warcraft, just felt like playing it again. Created a new character, Draenei Priest on the same server as Matt, he always wanted me to play a priest on his server :D. He is funding my character expenses at the moment, but he later told me that I have to pay him back the gold he lent me. WTF! I will deal with that later!

Then I went bed shopping on Sat afternoon; went to Ikea, Freedom and Furniture Bazaar. Found a comfy queen size bed in Furniture Bazaar selling for $599, I thought that was pretty good but I decided to go back again either on Thursday or Sat and check out other places like Bedshed before that :).

Went out to have dinner with Beorn at Panchos, Mexican food. The food was good but not really my type as they were too rich and fatty. I couldn’t finish the burrito and Beorn ate all the prawns in there. Then we went to Burswood to meet up with his friends and had a few games. Let’s just say it wasn’t my night! Sigh……. Went home, played some Warcraft then went to sleep.

Sunday morning, woke up late. Managed to get to Simon’s place on time, off we went to Sandalford in Swan Valley to celebrate SL’s birthday. The weather was perfect! Karen and I started wine tasting before everyone got there, I love their Element Late Harvest, I think I will go back and buy a few bottles before my trip to KL. I had their beef fillet for main course. The food was OK, nothing fantastic, a bit overpriced though. Look at the size of my fillet, so small! Karen immediately claimed she would need dessert (she ordered beef fillet too) hhahahahahaha

The sunglasses was put there so that you can estimate the size of the fillet. :p

We stayed from 12:30pm till 4:15pm! What a long lunch! Hahaha… too bad baby was at work, would be great if he was there. Nice place to take pictures.

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