Friday, November 09, 2007

OK, managed to collate all the pictures taken in Singapore. Don't ask me how come there are no pics of me and Matt. Haha we simply dont like taking pictures ><

Watched the Wildcats played against SG Slingers on 04/11/07 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Matt kept asking me to take the pictures of the girls. Hahaha he kept asking me "What are they wearing!!" Seriously, the costume looked cheap, as in bad quality.

I took baby to Orchard the Monday, and guessed what! They were hosting the same competition again. The contestants had been there for 3 days non stop, yeap! It was pouring on Sunday night so they were all standing in the rain, sticking their hands on the car and were not allowed to sit down. They were only given short toilet breaks once in a while and lunch/dinner break.

Matt told me he could do it because the weather is always so hot at the mine. But it is not the weather baby! You have to stand in the sun without water/food for hours and no shower! I simply told him I can never do it, coz I need my daily showers.

Oh, there was a middle aged woman too. How far would people go to get a free car?

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