Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am very sorry that I haven't put up the pictures taken in KL. I just didn't have time to collate them to put up :p I have been busy.

Just got back from a weekend getaway in Sg with baby, we had a fantastic time there besides the delayed flight and a quarrel><. We bought so many things! Especially clothes, Matt bought at least 10 shirts and several shorts, preparing for summer I suppose.

Whatever he saw, he thought it was cheap, so he basicallybought everything that he thought was nice and could fit him! And he let me buy whatever I wanted hahaha. Thank you baby for the trip and shopping.

So in the end we had to buy extra bags to fit our shopping goodies.

We went to watch Perth Wildcats vs Sg Slingers as planned. It was such a close game and Slingers won. I would say the Wild Cats played pretty badly, baby was so disappointed. We got the court side seats (Thanks to me calling all the way to SG to secure the tickets). We were so close to the court that I actually caught the ball and had to pass it back to the referee. Hehehe

We stayed at the Pan Pacific hotel, which is connected to Suntec Mall and Marina Square, it was a very nice hotel and super convenient, Matt loves SG, he even tried to convince me to move to SG. He asked me to get a job there while he finds a 2 weeks on 2 weeks off job in WA. Then he will see me every 2 weeks in SG. So I have been hunting for apartments in SG since we got back, we are looking at moving to the apartments in Orchard/Holland, somewhere there.

Until now, I haven't finished unpacking my stuff, haven't been sleeping enough, a lot of things to sort out at work, so I havent collated the pictures taken in SG. hehehe

Will post all the pictures on weekend. tada

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