Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Though I am a straight female and I do appreciate feminine clothing, and try to behave as lady as much as I could but I do swear when I am angry and laugh like nobody cares when I watch silly chick flick.

But there are a few actions by girls that I just can’t accept.

scratch underarm in public
dig under the clothes to scratch their breasts
re-adjust the g-string by pulling the string away from in-between the butt cheek

Ewwww.. when I was buying lunch one day from McDonald, there was a woman in front of me who comfortably stretched her hand under her shirt and scratched her breast! And mind you, her breasts were huge! I was totally shocked that for that split second, I didn’t know how to react.

She might not notice me and my reaction wasn’t important, but it was during lunch hour at a food court. Gawd…..

Then I am not sure if you came across this; in Malaysia and some third-world countries. Older women will stuff a handkerchief near the sleeve of their shirt (they always wear sleeveless top due to the weather). Then once in a while, they would pull out the handkerchief, wipe their underarms then their face then stuff it back. They repeat the action throughout the day with the same handkerchief.

That scene never failed to gross me out. What about you?

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