Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Found this entry while I was spring cleaning my blog. Nothing special, but since I have written, might as well publish it :p

Lately, I have a lot of things to blog. Today, I have decided to blog about TODAY. What I did from the time I woke up till I go to bed tonight.

6.40am – Alarm rang; I turned it off

7.03am – Woke up; started swearing because I woke up late (20 mins)

7.20am – Came out from shower; picked my clothes. SMSed baby to say ‘Good Morning’ and wished him a good day at work.

8.07am – Left for work

8.28am – Got into work just ON TIME!

8.45am – Had my strong coffee with breakfast bar. Burp….. Began my work day.

8.50am – Received an email from Karen; she told me she was extremely tired. I asked her to go home to sleep. Haha. Also received a sms from baby, wishing me a good day at work :D That is soooo him.

9.15am – Manager confirmed my pay rise, about 10% increment. I was happy :D

10.30am – Had a banana. WHAT??

11.00am – Colleague came into to chit chat with me. She is going on 2 weeks leave, sigh, when’s my turn.

12.45pm – Had 3 choc cookies I hide in the drawer because I was starving.

1.00pm – Had my home-cooked lunch, curry chicken with rice. After counting the calories I just ate, OMFG… choc + curry

2.15pm - Mom called for a short chat.

4.38pm - Baby smsed me to ask how's my day.

4.45pm - Packed up and ready for the weekend!

5.15pm - Got home.

5.30pm - Compiled all the paperwork, ready to do my tax return. Realised haven't got some of the statements yet.

this post is incomplete.. but WTH

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