Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Matt got a pay rise a couple of months ago, so I made him treat everyone dinner at Burswood Atrium. Haha thanks baby!

Don't ask me how much he got, but lets say his pay rise is almost half of my annual income :S

So there were 11 of us and we really enjoyed the food and we had a great time.

WM, CC and Sing Sing had so many prawns! 90% of the time, they were eating prawns, Matt called WM the prawn peeling machine!

A little incident happened while baby was paying the bill. The cashier was shocked that he was paying for so many people, they even asked him how much is he earning. Matt felt so awkward and told them he didn't want to talk about it. Ha ha

Don't worry guys, I shall be the spy again and let you know when is he getting his next pay rise. Work harder baby!

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