Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Having an Aussie bf is really an eye opening experience, especially with their culture.

I don’t mean to take things for granted, but when I was in Malaysia or when I was dating Asian guys, it was pretty common that guys would pay for the meals and expenses when we were out together. And how often would I say “Thanks for dinner / thanks for tonight / thanks for the movie”? No, hardly! Unless it was special occasion like Valentine’s Day when I was given a big bunch of roses, I would say, thank you!

But with Matt, he is always so THANKFUL!

“Thanks baby for cooking dinner.”
“Thanks for coming over”
“Thanks for the night.”
“Thanks for ironing my clothes.”

He says thank you for whatever I do, I feel appreciated for whatever I have done.

Not long after we got together, he once said “how come you never said thank you whenever I pay for dinner or anything?” Of course he asked in a polite way, and it seriously did not strike me that I have to do that?! Not that I wasn’t thankful, just that I didn’t know I have to express it verbally!

I learned slowly and I now say thank you to whatever he does for me, and he will definitely ‘you’re welcome’

Now we are both so thankful that whenever we speak to one another, we would ask “how are you or how’s your day?” and we will answer “I am good thanks”

Weird? I don’t know, but I think I prefer this than the traditional Asian men who take everything for granted and never say thank you to their wives for cooking, cleaning, ironing and etc.

By doing this, you may think we have overdone it, it is way too official. But it is great to be appreciated, thus we wouldn’t mind going further for one another.

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