Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Since it is getting near to the festive season, let’s talk about LOVE

Remember when we were young, just started falling in love; had crush on our seniors in school; cried over sad romance novel or movies; dreaming to the Cinderella in our imagined romance. Then there was always one question in our mind, “What’s love?”

To be honest, until this moment, I have no idea what defines LOVE, because there are too many types of LOVE.

These are my definitions of LOVE.

LOVE from parents:
- Working 10 hours a day, paid for my education and never asked for any returns.
- Never expected me to be the most successful person but a happy and healthy one.

LOVE from my sister (I don’t have any brothers!):
- Waking up at 3am just to hear my ramblings after I quarrel with bf for the Nth time
- Keeping my darkest secrets from my parents
- Playing pc games with me at 4am even she was heavily pregnant

LOVE from friends:
- Listen to my ramblings everyday and anytime of the day
- Give me a hand whenever I need help
- Laugh at my silly jokes

LOVE from bf:
- Watch a movie with me; a movie that I really wanted to watch, though he had seen it
- Fight like cats and dogs the day before and try to hold my hand the day after
- Stretch out his hand to hold mine when we are getting into a crowd
- Wishing me ‘Happy Halloween’ on my birthday!

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