Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lately, my days go so quickly until I realised I have neglected so many things that I used to enjoy!

This is the reason why I am soooo busy till I don't have any "ME" time left

Cheska is a pure bred American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she is currently 12 weeks old, so she is still very very much a puppy that needs my attention all the time.
This breed loves people, they love to be with their owners, they do not need to play with other dogs though. Cheska likes to sleep on my legs, sits in the kitchen with me when I cook, sleep next to me at night. Now, she is lying under my chair with her chew toy.
She is taking up so much of my time, that I simply don't have time to groom myself! I feel disgusting sometimes, I dont have time to do my nails, have facial, get my wax done, decorate the house. We still haven't had a house warming party yet!


Angie said...

that is so freaking adorable!! *cuddles her* :D

utterlycynical said...

Ha! Wait till you meet her and when she wouldn't let go your socks or shoe lace. :p