Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My favourite moment in the morning

Do you have a favourite moment in the morning? I do...

Every morning, I wake up about 7am, Cheska and Matt will still be in bed. I usually let Cheska come up to our bed about 6am. Matt and the dog will sleep in while I get ready to work.

When I prepare my cereal, Cheska will def hear that... Hhahaha...

Then I will hear her yawn.."Aweee.......", she yawn rather loud. Then I hear her jumping down from the bed, and run out of the room. She will stand at the hallway with her bed head and flipped ears, and looking at me standing next to the kitchen bench. She is like saying "Morning mom! I am awake!"

I will then bend down and call her. She will run straight to me, give me kisses and bury her head in my tummy, rubbing her face on my PJ. ><

THAT is my favourite moment!!!!

She will then proceed to the backyard to do her business, and have her breakfast. After her breakfast, she will say hello to Matt by stomping on him and licking him. Then back to her sleep..... hahahahaha

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