Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ondeh Ondeh

One night, I was craving for Ondeh Ondeh, especially the one my mom made, so big and full of Gula Melaka. So I went online and found a recipe, it was actually very easy to make. Just a bit time consuming to hand roll each and every sigle one then boil them.

Matt refused to try them, he doesnt like soft, chewy texture food, he doesn't eat soft food like tofu. I was so disappointed that he didnt want to try, but, at least I got to eat all of them!!!!

They turned out pretty good, however, I could only get frozen pandan leaves, and they were not very fragrant usually, so the ondeh ondeh didn't have the strong pandan flavour like the ones you could get in Malaysia.

Later, I found out an Asian store sell the pandan essence, ahh.... perfect. Will make ondeh ondeh again when I have time.


angie said...

Mmmm ondeh ondeh is so good! Too bad Matt didn't want any - he doesn't know what he's missing out on!

utterlycynical said...

you are lucky, you can get ondeh ondeh everywhere in KL!