Friday, November 20, 2009

My Birthday

So I am officially 27, 3 years to the big 30. I am not afraid of getting old, I admire people who age gracefully. As long as the wrinkles, cellulite, freckles stay awa from me, I am happy.

I went to Burswood, Atrium restaurant for dinner with my close friends. Thank you very much to Karen, Simon, Yumi, Jesse, SingLin, Binh and CC. Great company. Unfortunately, I wasn't very hungry that night, so I didn't eat $55 worth of food. ><

Lovely Singlin baked me a cakem thank you!

I had a emotion melt down on that day. Matt rang me and I ended up crying to him on the phone. He wanted to know why I was so upset, but I had no idea. Maybe just too many things happened at that time that I have no idea if I can ope with them.

Matt wasn't here again for my birthday, I thought I have gotten use to not having him by my side on special occasions, somehow I wished he was here. Maybe I need grow up...

Anyway, he did make it up for me. Took me to Cocos for dinner and bought me an iPhone. :p Loving that phone at the momen. The food at Cocos was fantastic! We love the food there and the service was great!

It was agood birthday after all....

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