Saturday, September 13, 2008

Auto Salon

Auto Salon show in Perth Convention Centre. Matt took me there, was quite disappointing though, not many cars. For $18 per ticket, think it is kind of a rip off.
Some did catch my attention....can never understand the extend people will go to modify their cars. Some are just sooo ugly
Definitely MY type of car!

When there are cars, there are girls... well.. no comment on the girls but 'yuk!'

VERIEEEE nice.. (Borat's style)

This is indeed very fat, with all the side body kits, fatter than Matt's supra

I love the matte coating!

This is a BMW, but the owner made it so ugly. It should be a classy car..../sigh

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Angie said...

Ooh, cars. The LV one is interesting... is it LV sponsored? Not sure whether I'd like to call my car "fattie" though... maybe "phattie". (phat is the word for 'cool' or 'pretty hot and tempting')