Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ice Cream

Does anyone of you eat ice-cream as dinner? Or it is only me that will do that? I am the type of person who wouldn’t mind eating snack for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes, I will just have ice-cream for dinner, or yogurt or a slice of cake.

Matt always asks me “what do you have for dinner?”, if I answer anything other than a ‘normal’ meal, he will say “you can’t have that for dinner!” “Why not?” “Because….”. To me, if it makes me feel full, then it is fine. :p

Am I the only person that does that? I would really like to know.

It can be due to my upbringing; my mom let me eat ice cream for dinner sometimes, she thinks ice-cream is made of milk, thus high in protein so I can eat ice-cream if I want to. If we happen to go to Pasar Malam (night market with many food, clothes, shoes, toys stalls and etc.), mom would buy me some cake, and I would have cake for breakfast the next day. My mom was the type of parent that let me eat anything that’s not ‘unhealthy’ (mainly deep fry, greasy food) as long as I am eating, and never had problem with me skipping a meal because I had too much to eat the meal before. Ha ha

I just had half a slice of cake this morning before I left for work :p

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Angie said...

my mum would totally freak out if i had only ice cream for breakfast. i think its just your upbringing :)