Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Birthday

I felt so loved and super sweet this birthday; not because I got some superb presents, nor big bash celebration, but Matt was able to celebrate with me. We spent the day eating bbq seafood in Fremantle and visited the zoo for a few hours.

My manager's daughters dropped by at the office on Thursday to give me these lovely flowers. I always babysit them when they have to come in to work with their dad. :p We make paper dolls, paper craft, drawing together. These girls are very adorable and pretty!

Matt picked me up with these beautiful roses, I did not tell him that yellow roses symbolises break ups, new beginning. I did a quick google on roses colours, every website has slightly different meaning. Some say 'new beginning', some say 'warmth, joyful, friendship' . Haha... none of them was about LOVE! Matt said the florist told him yellow roses are appropriate, I wonder what he said to the florist :p Poor baby got scammed! Is ok, I am happy with any roses, as long as they are not black :p

The weather was beautiful, soothing breeze and slightly cloudy but fine. We walked around the zoo, trying to burn off all the calories we took in from the seafood feast; Matt explained all the animals features and characteristics to me, thanks to National Geographic and Discovery Channels on Foxtel :p

I wanted to watch the elephant demonstration (I don't know why but I always LOVE elephant show, they just look so cute and clumsy). Unfortunately, due to the Red Bull Air Race practice at South Perth foreshore, the noise was so loud that the elephants were very distressed. Thus the trainer had to spend a few minutes to calm them down, kept talking to them and patting their bums (We were trying to figure out why did the trainer keep patting and scratching the elephants' bums). The elephants finally settled down and demonstrated a few tricks. The elephant that was performing, 'Permai' was only a young female elephant. Apparently they do not train male elephant as male elephants are difficult to train and can be very agressive.

We called it a day after the trip to the Zoo as Matt was feeling sick from the flight the night before, thus we agreed to have my birthday dinner on Saturday night instead. :p

Then on Saturday night, Matt asked me to decide a place to have my birthday dinner. I was craving for Korean BBQ, so I suggested Seoul Korean in Northbridge, I really liked their marinated meat. More about the restaurant will be on my food blog.

My birthday celebration wasn't grand nor expensive, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was swamped by birthday wishes and a birthday song all the way from Singapore, a rather interesting birthday present from Adelaide, and most importantly... Matt was here with me!

Thank you very much everyone!


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