Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Diet

I was very fat for a period of time, I was a size 12 approx. 3 years ago. I felt like a whale, especially whenever my parents told me that I was FAT!

After I got together with Matt, I started to watch what I eat, control the amount, frequency and blend in some exercises from time to time. I hate working out, so I focus on my diet.

I started to get smaller, I became size 10 then now a size 8! Oh well, i still have to get size 10 for certain cuttings because I dont like tight body hugging pants and shirts.

One thing I learned about dieting is I have to eat food that I like, if I don't like the food I eat, I will tend to munch on snack.

So I started to pack lunch to work, and also snacks that I have between before and after lunch. This is very good as I can save heaps of money by not buying lunch.

I do not skip carb in my diet, I eat everything and anything, but small portions and eat every 2-3 hours depending how hungry I get.

So this is what I eat..... Mon - Fri, I tend to have a break on weekends, I go out with friends to restaurant or cooking nice meals for Matt and myself when he is back.

Breakfast - 8am - 1 slice of peanut butter sandwich + coffee OR 1 glass of soy milk. Peanut butter is fattening but thats my favourite!

Snack - 11am - custome made yogurt or another slide of bread with peanut butter or 1 fruit

Lunch - 1:30pm - Salad with 1 piece of meat (fish or chicken only) OR small portion of left over dinner (noodle or rice) OR vege soup (big bowl)

Snack - 3:30pm - 1 fruit (So you see I have at least 2 fruits a day)

Dinner - 6/7pm - Eat anything I want but small portion, as I will still feel pretty full from the 3:30pm snack.

Of course, I try to be as versatile as possible for my lunch, from home-made pizza (with pita bread) to egg fried rice. Sometimes, I will bring sweets as well like agar-agar :p Basically, I will make my lunch pack as exciting as possible, so I will look forward to eating the food and feel content after eating them.

I also drink green tea and herbal tea through out the day when I am at work. I drink this special detox tea every fortnight to flush my system, I feel so much lighter after the 'detox' session.

Oh, there is one good thing about me. I dont like sweet pastries and drinks. So I don't drink any soft drink, the only sweet drink I drink are coffee, juice and bubbletea!


Wei said...

size 12 is SO NOT FAT wat more u said VERY fat~ *slap* i was size 18 or more b4 now thats fat!!!!!!

utterlycynical said...

PLEASE.... you are a lot taller than me. I look like a pumpkin when I reach size 12