Friday, August 22, 2008


So WA state election campaign is on, Labour and Liberal are fighting like cats and dogs. I am not into politics, and definitely not too familiar with this country politics. However, I always chuckle when I heard the radio or see TV ads about the election, how these parties insult, condemn, criticise one another. I mean they do it so openly!

You have to admit you can’t see that in Malaysia, in Malaysia, they will try to put you in jail instead, so they have less competitors. LOL


Angie said...

lol certainly one of the best things about australian politics isnt it - openly criticising each other and trying to trip each other (when there may not be anything to trip over) :p ah, scandals. no wonder the western world loves its tabloids ;)

Angie said...

hi sorry i have to leave a comment like this, but i dont seem to be able to have an alternative way to contact you.

i notice that you blog about food and are in perth. im organising a perth food and beverage blogger meet this month. would you like to come?