Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I am sick at the moment, throat infection and fever. MY company practised strict leave policy so off I went to see my GP to get a cert to prove that I am indeed unfit for work.

My GP wasn't available so I was referred to another female doc, I was reluctant but did not have a choice. She is an Asian doc with an Aussie last name, must have married to an ang mo. Anyway, she apologised for the wait, I waited 30 mins...... She was very efficient though, quick I should say.

She asked me several questions to update my profile, and advised me on my Thalasemia condition. Basically things I already knew. Then she asked if I was single, I said yes. No kid? No. And confirmed that I am on pills and anti histamine. Yes and Yes.

Then she told me I have throat infection and prescibed me some antibiotics. She reminded me that the antibiotics will eliminate the pills that I am taking for 7 days and blablabla... Then she asked me to use condoms for the next 2 weeks.

Then I realised I just told her I am single but I am on pills, will that make her think I sleep around that's why I need pills? Then she suggested me to have a pap smear, that kinda tells me that she does think so. :p

For a split second, I wanted to clarify, but thought what the heck.... my personal life is none of her business..

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