Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seoul Korean - Northbridge

Matt and I had dinner at Seoul Korean on my birthday. I was craving for Korean BBQ :p

I have been to Seoul Korean (William Street, Northbridge. It is diagonally opposite Joy Tour) twice and totally love their marinated meat, especially the pork, not the thin pork slices but the pork pieces.

I remember we order one meat combo and one plate of scallop, I loveeeeeee scallops.

Matt thought Korean BBQ is quite fun and he did help me cook and flip the meat, we took turns to cook. A couple sitting at the next table were eating bbq as well, but the girl didn't cook at all, the bf had to do it all. Hahaha.... poor girl. She did look like those 'princessy' type of girl.... 公主!

Scallops!!!!!!!!! They were huge!

Marinated meat, yummy!

See the round cutting meat? Those are the thin pork slice, suppose to cook the meat then dip it in a special made sauce. It is quite nice, but I found that it stil carried a light porky smell. If you know what I mean.

Our orders came and some side dishes. :p
We really enjoyed the dinner and both came out smelling like BBQ! Total bill = $76.00 with a Corona.

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