Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some pictures taken in KL

"Petaling Street", the China Town in KL. There are alot of heritage buildings there and road side stall. Some famous delicacies can be found there. The tip I would give is, do not try the road side steamboat, nothing fantastic really. I strongly recommend Chan Dong Gei, '陈东记”hor fun, they are the best though the price may shock you a lil but worth it!

Low Yat Plaza, place where you can find all your IT stuff, software, hardware, gadgets.

The prices are very reasonable too, try to go to a few shops and compare, the shops there are very competitive.

Pudu Raya, KL central bus station for interstate travel. If you want to go to other states like Penang, Johor, Melaka, and you want to travel by coach then this is the place you should come to get your ticket.

Unless you want to see the scenery on the way, I would suggest you check out Air Asia, sometimes the ticket to Penang can be as cheap as RM10 one way excl. airport tax.

KLCC. Can you believe I haven't actually been to the Petronas Tower? All my Aussie friends asked what's the tower like and I couldnt answer them. I just didn't think it is worth it for me to wake up at 7am to go to town and queue up for the tickets. The tickets go like hot cakes because they are FREE!

I don't shop in KLCC very often, I only shop in Isetan where MNG is. I bought 2 fabulous jackets there on my last trip, cost me RM800.. tsk tsk..pain. If you want to buy designer goods like Prada, Fiori, Morgan, Dunhill..yup.. you go to KLCC

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