Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Summary

Yesterday morning, I was asked "Whats your new year resolution?"

I seriously haven't thought abt that yet, I am not sure what I want to achieve in 2007. Is that good or bad?

Career? I am not very sure what do I want to do yet... Got a few offers but so far not one that can offer what I want

Health? I dont have any major problems yet, touch wood!

Love? Over rated... I am having a fantastic time being single

Money? Ah... maybe... more money ... come come, please come faster lol

Education? Yeap, but I dont see myself completing the course within 2007, maybe only be able to complete Oracle

Ok, 2006 summary

KGs lost: 3kgs

Friend(s) lost: 1

Job(s) lost: 1

Bf(s) lost: 1

Marriage proposal received: 2

Job Promotion(s): 2

Pay increment: 1

New car: 1

Overseas travel: 2


Something very tragic happened right before Xmas 06.

I had an interview with a event marketing company on 20th Dec. The interviewer, John was a young british man. He was good looing, friendly and of course capable. Then I thought, it would be great working with him.

An hour after my interview, I got a call from John's secretary to schedule second interview. The 2nd interview was put on 22nd Dec.

So on 22nd, I was there on time but I saw no John nor his secretary. So I went to knock on one of the doors. Simon, John's partner took me to the board room and sat me down....

Simon: "Thank ou very much for coming back, but have we met?"

Me:"John interviewed me and no we have not met."

Simon:" Oh Ok, I am afraid I have a very disturbing news to tell you"

Me thinking 'Oh well, the position is filled probably'

Simon: "John died. He had an accident on 20th and died on the spot"

Me:" huh..................................................omg"

Simon :" Yup, motorcycle accident on the highway......"

The rest of the conversation can be ignored.

John was only 25...... he died in the night after he interviewed me in the afternoon

After my meeting with Simon, I began to think, life is extremely unpredictable... remember the cliche statement? "Live life to the fullest"

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