Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bad Kisser

I was out with a friend last night, then we staretd tot alk about hugs and kisses. He said he missed those intimacy with a girl, seeing that he has been single for awhile.

Then I told him about my kissing experience, they weren't all good sad to say. Some were so horrible that i ditched the guys because of that.

Let me point out WHAT are bad kisses.

Ultimate World's Worst Kiss: - Bang straight onto the girl's lips, knock her teeth, hurt her lips!

That was my first kiss wit this dude, who apparently had no idea that how soft girl's lips are, no doubt, my upper lip was bleeding after our kiss. I never kissed him again after that. That also explained why my first puppy love only lasted 1 week.

1st Runner Up - Dog Kisses

Saliva all over the lips and even chin, some even got to the nose. Obviously the guy has a tongue like a Saint Bernard, big enough to cover your lower face.

2nd Runner Up - Bowl Licking

The guy wants you to taste his last dinner so badly that he pushes his whole tongue into your mouth.

A guy did that to me, and I swear to God I almost gagged; and he has a huge tongue too... so you can't blame that I have a small mouth! The action just reminds me a child licking the bowl of choc cake mix.

3rd Runner Up - Lazy Tongue

Guy who leaves their tongue in your mouth expect you to resuscitate it.

These are the BAD KISSES that will turn me off for good.

I am not saying I am a fantastic kisser but so far I havent had any complains :p

How to kiss a girl right?

Stay and the lips and the tip of the tongue; no chin, no nose, no tasting last night dinner. gently suck the lips, I mean GENTLY! Use the tip of your tongue to lick her lips, you can even flick your tongue gently across her lips ( don't do it so often, else you will remind her of her puppy). You may give some gentle nibbles on her lips, though some girls may not liek it, you can always ask if she enjoys that. Alot of girls have no idea what turn them on till they actually try it. *Wink wink

Happy Kissing!

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