Sunday, March 16, 2008

Food Blogs

Recently, I am addicted to reading food blogs. I was never a big cooking fan when I was living in Malaysia. I dont know why, but it was probably I have parents who can cook fantastic dishes, my dad is a great cook but my mom is good at cooking the food I love, such as sambal squid, steam minced pork wit salted fish and dry scallop etc.

My parents never bothered to teach me cooking because they thought I would somehow manage to find something to eat when I am hungry. o.O

After I moved to Perth, my parents weren't worried that I did not know how to cook at all, because I was living with my uncle and aunty.

My first cooking experience started when I was dating Adrian, I started cooking and expored more recipes. Then somehow, most of the stuff that I cooked was actually edible and quite yummy.

That's how I started cooking and so far I enjoy cooking a lot, the only problem is there are not many people around to eat the thing I cook. :(

I have too started a food blog, hahaha I am Kiasu... I have been posting on the food blog, just that I don't think it has enough content to be published. Will publish it soon.

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