Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bad Day

Received some bad news today, but I shall not talk about it cause I cant do anything at the moment. Whatever happened....lets push it away

Received a call from a school today and the manager expressed interest in adopting our services, thus I dashed home to change cause I was wearing jeans and dashed to Darch (up North...damn North) to do a short presentation. Basically, the client buy my idea, I believe I will receive an email frothem shortly asking for another presentation or maybe MOU. :p

Listen to lots of Michael & Victor songs lately, I dont know why but all their songs just touch my heart and made me think of the past and my life. Alot of the lyrics reflect my past relationships. Friends told me to forget about those failed realtionships, but I think I shall not so that I will not repeat the same mistakes again.

I was talking to a friend on MSN this morning, he asked me to concentrate on my career, I am only 23..alot more to expect in career and I have such good prospect in my current company. I have to agree with him, but sometimes, I just cant stop my mind swirling around unnecessary things.

Decided to publish my book soon. Will make it an eBook. :P

All my friends, let's wait for me to reveal your darkest secrets. Wahahaahahaha

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