Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Techno Mom

Typing away on keyboard, busy formating documents to be sent to clients.

Keep reading website to make sure everything is updated....

Reception: "Jane, your mom on Line 1"

Me: "Thanks, Liz" "Hello?"

Mom: "Hey Jane ah...I wanna ask you ah, the Yahoo games cannot start, it says error 999. What is error 999?"

Me: *anger rising "Wait mom, let me get Yahoo customer service number for you.."

Mom: "Huh? Why?"

Me: "So you can call them and ask."

Mom: "Chi Xin (crazy)"

Me: "If you can call me all the way in Perth, why cant you call Yahoo in America? I bet they can help you better than I can."

Mom: "........"

Me: "Seriously mom, how do I know whats error 999? I study BSC in IT, not BSC in Yahoo Customer Service. Plus, I am busy now!"

Mom: "ok ok, I go play MSN games then"

Me: "Ok, good, enjoy your game....."

Please meet my mom.

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