Saturday, April 01, 2006

10 things I learned

These are the things that I learned in the past, just want to list them down to remind myself and share with my friends.

1. Do not try to multitask when you are holding a knife.

2. It is ok to answer your bf's mobile. Many companies are paying someone to answer their phones, so why can't you answer your bf's mobile when they are busy doing other things?

3. Money cannot buy everything in this world; but everything costs money.

4. If a relationship isn't happy and fun at the beginning, then it will never be happy and fun the next minute /day /month /years....

5. Every religion is good, but their marketing departments may not be.

6. If you have the slightest doubt when making a decision, leave it and attend to it after a moment.

7. Live for yourself.

8. Parents are not the smartest person in the world; but they know more than the children.

9. Don't take TOMORROW for granted, we may not live till Tomorrow

10. Think before you speak

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