Friday, April 21, 2006

Maybe I shall leave Perth.....

No, I don't hate Perth but I feel sad wherever I go because everywhere will remind me of something.....

Listened to Wei, went shopping last night; I went to Carousel....bad choice

It was there we held hands for the very first time, when I walked passed the store where we held our hands, I felt like crying......

I saw a store having sales on nice men Polo-T, then I thought 'oooo will be nice for him to wear to work', I went up and checked out; suddenly it striked me that he no longer need me to take care of him and I am in no position to do that anymore.

I was thinking to change location and go to Garden City; but then again we been to Garden City more than Carousel so it will only be worse.

Last night... in my dream... a few scenes pop up......conversations that we had

'Darling, can you iron my shirt? I don't know why but the more I iron, the more lines I get'

'Darling, can you rub my head?' '' "I teach you'

'Darling, sorry lah, I shouldn't have said that to you..' 'Dump you ah!'

'Darling, carry me...' 'Cannot, you just had dinner..... I scare I will drop you' 'Louya lah you'

'Darling, let's play the 7 game, loser has to let the other tickles for 1 minute' 'Dont want, you bully me' ' Wahahahaha'

'Darling, don't angry lah, I let you tickle ok?' 'Ok, but you must lie down with your arms open, cannot dodge and must laugh' 'Huh....cannot lah!'

Is there a memory eraser?

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