Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Final Goodbye

It has been more than a week since the break up; I think I have accepted the fact that he is gone and I have to move on alone.

Thank you very much for all my friends who tried to comfort me and bring me out.... thanks guys and gals

Talked to many friends and they all think it is a waste; I think it is a waste too but all the memories we had will be precious and treasured.

Maybe we will be two parallel lines forever or we may cross one day in the future; we don't know but lets leave it in God's hands.

If he finds another girl, I wish him all the best truthfully from the bottom of my heart.

Currently, I am trying to put it behind me and move one, it is tough but I think I can overcome it.

Here, I wish him all the best in everything he does, especially in his career and hope that one day we can meet again; maybe in Singapore, maybe in Perth. I hope that at that time, we can still give one another a big smile, a big hug and say 'Howdy?'.

Good night and good bye....

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