Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Bike Riding

I have started bike riding 2 weeks ago, got Felix to help me to get a very basic, 'my-height' mountain bike.

Learning how to balance the bike while going on the straight, forward direction is a challenge, I fell, crashed, got bruises.... and finally managed to cycle in a straight line now.... However, still need to brush up my skill as I just crashed into a bush the other night. Yes, laugh.. go ahead and laugh your heart out.

Olives Picking

Went to my boss's house on Sunday afternoon for an Olives Picking party. 20 people were picking the olives from the trees... the harvest was great! We were served a 5 course Italian cuisine....and homemade ice-ceram!

The peak of that event is having the Sports Minister sitting beside me eating and chatting... I taught him how to slit the olives lol and his wife is a lovely quiet lady.

Migration Course

I have started studying for my migration qualification, the first module is to get familiar with all the terminologies used in law, especially migration law. What's the differences between parliament, executive and judiciary? OMG..... I wanted to cry when I found out that I have to at least understand, memorise how does the government work.

I force myself to study at least 2 hours every night before I sleep, so far so good. Hope that I can keep up with the determination.

Parasite Baby

Watched Medical Innovation (I think) last night before I fell asleep, they were talking about fetus in fitro (or something similar, tried to Google but couldnt find). Basically is another fetus growing in a baby's body. The program showed some rather disturbing pictures I would say, it definitely affected my decision of having 3 kids.

Parasite Baby

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