Monday, April 17, 2006

My heart is aching with filmstrips of images running in my mind.

Took out the picture that I kept in my wallet.......

Took out all the cards that HE gave me...... those that HE hide around my room

Dust the gigantic Forever Friends bear that HE bought me.. time to put it in a corner or maybe donate to a toys library

Took out the shirts HE left here, some still have HIS scent; smell that ease my mind

Watched the clip that HE did for me for our 2nd yr anniversary, saw pictures that sent me to memory lane again

Went through all the pictures we took together, burnt them together with the clip onto a CD and deleted them from my computer.

Put the ring that HE bought back in to the jewellery box, I can never bear to wear it again.

Broke the news to my parents; mom took it easily.... she said she understand how I feel, she asked me to be more cautious when looking for a partner next time. Dad said he didnt think he has to teach me what to do because I am an adult now and he respects whatever decision I make.

Aunt said she knew it is hard, especially when we are so far apart, unable to be there for one another at crucial times.

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