Monday, April 17, 2006

Memories Lane

Last night......I did

1. I went to the church that he used to go when he was in Perth, sometimes I would tag along, attempt to learn more about his religion. Again, I didnt feel I belong to that place, it was odd that HE was not sitting beside me, holding my hands to make me feel more comfortable.

2. I walked around Northbridge, remembering the silly night we had; refused to drive to Northbridge, we took bus.. walking hands in hands like 2 highschool kids on their second date.

3. I went to Kings Park...cliche....thats the place we always go when we feel like having quiet and romantic moments. It was there we became an item.

4. I went to Murdoch.....drove along the road in front of the house HE lived. Drove around uni car park, remembered that there was the time when HE bought me lunch, sitting and waiting in front of my lecture hall in a terribly cold weather.

5. I roamed around the house and remembered the times when HE came over in the middle of the night because I was not feeling well and accompanied me till morning to bring me to doctor.

6. I talked to Sam, I apologised to Sam that now HE will no longer come and visit him and play with him. For the first time, Sam rest his head on my shoulder.

Today I will......

Pack everything into a box and seal it...... and put it in a special corner under my bed.


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