Friday, April 07, 2006


My boss hired me an assistant to help me with my overwhelming workload.

How overwhelming? I have to juggle between 32 new clients at the moment and with some old clients.

On top of that, I am starting my course next Monday. I got all the course materials 3 days ago, all 2800 pages of them, no I dont have to memorise all 2800 pages, but I have to get familiar with them.

I conducted a few interviews to select the best candidate to be my assistant and I met a few interesting candidate....

One ..... sent me a blank email with only her resume attached, no cover letter, no message....she expected me to understand her intension.

One.... wear denim mini skirt + sandal, holding mobile, wallet and keys in hand to interview. All her replies consist no more than 3 words.

One ..... fresh grad, no permanent residency and expect me to pay her $30 an hour. I told her sorry that I won't pay $30 when she does not have any related working experience. She ended up accepting my offer and I hired her.

It was funny during the 2nd interview how my boss emphasized to the interviwee that she has to report directly to me and do as she's told.... Suddenly, I felt pretty pressured to have a person directly under me... basically I have to wipe their shit when they make mistakes.

Just finished a drama about lawyers and family; did I mention that when I was only 5, everyone in the family thought that I should be a lawyer when I grow up coz I am so good in arguing with others. I did think I should become a lawyer, but I gave up when I found up that I have to study damn alot to become one. LOL Yes I am a lazy person.

Thank God is Friday!

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