Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Break Down

If 100 is my break down point, I think I am at 99.

Heart broken now because just ended my 3 years relationship with the man that I thought I will spend my life with.

Worried sick because one of my grand aunt; who used to make alot of pretty dresses for me when I was young is diagnosed with 2nd/3rd stage breasts cancer; had her mastectomy yesterday, waiting for results now. The bad news is, the doctor said she cannot have Chemo as her body is very weak, she will not survive thru Chemo.

Sister told me she is having a crisis.....worried for her also. I have to stand by to give her whatever help she needs.

Man, just when I thought my world is falling apart..... there are other parts falling on me as well.

I think I am going to break down soon..... some friends said I am strong, they know I will pull through; but I am no superwoman.....

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