Monday, February 01, 2010

Single Life

It is 1am at the moment, I have just done my weekly manicure, waiting for the nails to dry before I start my pedicure.

Out of a sudden, I thought about my single life and oh boy, how I miss it.....

Going to bed any time I want, not worry about not having the energy I need for work because I can take a nap once I get home.

I can sleep in on weekends! No need to wake up to anything, not the dog, not the early seafood market.

I have enough disposable income to buy the clothes I want, get the manicure and pedicure done by the pro while I sit there, relax and read magazine.

I have many guys trying to ask me out and tell me how gorgeous I look... (Ok right, I like compliments, who doesn't!?)

Going out straight after work and no need to worry about the dog is not fed, the plants need water.

No need to put a mental note, "remember to put the bin out by Wed morning!"

No need to have a weekly shopping list, no need to keep track of how many toilet rolls left in the cupboard, no need to keep a close eye on the olive oil, grab them when they are on specials.

Bwah..... I am so AUNTY!

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