Monday, January 25, 2010

People who can't read sign....grr

I hate people who use the express check out lane when they have more than 15 items in their trolley/baskets. F**king hell, they can read but choose to ignore the sign.

Why? Why can't you jsut queue up at the normal check out and be patient? Well, it is your bloody choice to do a big shoppng so you better be prepared to wait ....

So poor me, holding only 6 items in hand, had to queue up behind an old couple ad an African family. They both have a trolley full of stuff!

The old couple obviously think they have the privilege seeing they are old... FINE... , oh well, not really fine but if I yell at them, I would be the young girl who yell at elderly.

Now.. the african family... DOH... not only they have over 40 items in their trolley, also 4 of them stand at the checkout, totally block the check out that I was suppose to go. Then I had to push their trolley away, then they hit me wth their trolley. Bloody hell, I just pushed it arder to them, tey got the message and kept their trolley away from me. Then I questioned the check out girl LOUDLY "How come you let those with more than 15 items to use the express lane?" "What can we do? They dont listen" "Well, tell them to get off and get back to the normal check out!" I then proceed to stare at the African lady next to me, message conveyed!

Oh, I also wanted to take out my phone and take a sneaky pic of tis lady, she wore the most hideous outfit.... a sleveless dress that show her tummy with a fishnet footless tights! OMG.... what the hell is she thinking?

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